No, that’s not a typo in the title; it’s an acronym.  Last week I had the opportunity to attend the SCORRE Conference for speakers and I recommend it highly.  Anyone who is thinking of being a professional speaker or wants to improve their speaking skills will benefit from this experience for 4 reasons:

1:  Proven System:  It’s been taught and used successfully for years and some attendees claimed that it changed their lives, including my favorite blogger Michael Hyatt (now one of the partners and presenters).

2.  Proven Method:  Their system demands specificity and required us to focus our thinking to move an audience to action, using a step-by-step method.

3.  Proven Faculty:  At every level, the faculty is terrific.  They are experienced and committed to improving the quality of the attendees.  In addition, they are genuinely nice people.

4.  Proven Results:  We each got a chance to speak every day (3 times total) during the conference to our 9-person group that included a faculty member.  All of our group were some of the most friendly and committed people I’ve ever met.

The whole atmosphere of the conference was encouraging and there was a palpable absence of competition or trying to one-up anyone else.  We were all there to learn as well as help each other.

I only had one problem:  While the setting in the Colorado mountains west of Vail was breathtaking, it was also breathtaking.  Huh?  I mean that I’m used to an altitude near sea level (900 feet) and this was 10 times that at almost 9,000 feet.

But it was postcard gorgeous and the conference gave me something I’ll use for the rest of my life.

Lie To Me

“Lie to me.  Go ahead and lie to me.”
—Jonny Lang

Every two years, it’s the same thing:  Problems with the PLO.  No, I’m not talking about the Middle East.  I’m speaking of Political Lie Overload.  Hammer your opponent with half-truths, portray him/her as a lying loser who is awash in selfish aims of glory.  Portray yourself as a humble, hardworking, defender of the downtrodden who is above all, a fighter.

Tell me another one, Pinocchio.

Some of us are old enough to remember the days when party politics wasn’t a barrier to accomplishment.  Republicans like Everett Dirksen of Illinois and Barry Goldwater of Arizona and Democrats like Mike Mansfield of Montana and Tip O’Neill of Massachusetts would spout the old party rhetoric but then they’d actually get together (get together, he emphasized) and do things.

They created the interstate highway system.
They created the civil rights laws.
They created the manned space program that was the gateway to enormous breakthroughs in science, medicine, and industry as well as getting an astronaut to the moon and returning safely.

Can anyone think of one thing that the federal government has accomplished in the past 20 years that comes close to any of those things?

‘Cause I sure can’t.  And I’ve got a good memory.

Lie to Me – Jonny Lang


Retirement isn’t a do-over but a start-again or as a fitness guru once put it:  “You can turn back the clock but you can wind it up again.  (NOTE TO Gen-X & Gen-Y readers:  We all once used clocks that didn’t run on batteries or electricity but had to be wound up with a stem or a key.  Sounds primitive but it worked for the first 100+ years of clocks).

So what was “winding up the clock again” for moi?  I wanted to put many years of experience in destination marketing, tourism, organizational leadership, and public speaking into use helping other people and organizations, especially in tourism.

I also wanted time to enjoy life:  Spend time with my family, travel for fun with my wife, travel for fun with our kids, read, listen to the blues, and generally live at a slightly slower pace.  And since leading a Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) is a pretty public experience, I thought it would be nice to be just a private citizen again; perhaps express a controversial opinion which heretofore would have been difficult.

So I started by assembling a mind map using a computer application.  I look at it frequently, especially when I start to feel useless or bored (yeah, it can happen) and it gets me going again (there’s that clock-winding metaphor again).  I’ve displayed it here.

Getting Started & Procrastination

First a disclaimer; obvious perhaps but necessary:  I’m not a designer so please be gentle with me.  I’m experienced in leadership, marketing, public speaking, and writing but this is my first web site and my first blog.

Next, procrastination:  I can’t believe how long I put off doing this.  I’ve always been a a PPP (Practically Professional Procrastinator) but when I finally took the stepof assembling the content and entering it on this WordPress site, it was ridiculously simple.

So the fruit of PPP (Pushing Past Procrastination, this time) is joy, simple joy:  Joy at completing something; joy at checking it off the to-do list, joy at seeing the project launched.

I’m nearly giddy.

Cole Carley Communicates was born a few months ago to help tourism destinations and other segments of the tourism industry as well as engage in general public speaking.  We’ll be adding resources as we go along so please come back and visit.