A Modest Proposal: TV Political Ad Blocker

        At the risk of pigeonholing this blog as political ranting (it’s not), I’ve got one more before the election and then I’ll stop.  I promise.

After my wife and I were leaving the polling place on Wednesday, participating in North Dakota’s early voting opportunity, we received stickers saying “I voted.  That gave Laura what I thought was a great idea.  Ready?  Here it is.

Instead of a little sticker, they should give us a bar code or QR code that we can then upload to a web site that’s connected to our TV or signal provider.  Doing so would then block ALL political advertising on our TVs at home until the election was over!  What a concept!

After all, we’ve already voted.  We can’t vote again so the advertising is useless to us, even if we wanted to change our minds.  And it would result in far more peaceful viewing of our favorite programs and avoid the cacophony (or caca-phony) of politicians and PACs who are determined to torture us with their blather.

Yeah, I know, it’ll never happen.  But a guy can dream.

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