Retirement isn’t a do-over but a start-again or as a fitness guru once put it:  “You can turn back the clock but you can wind it up again.  (NOTE TO Gen-X & Gen-Y readers:  We all once used clocks that didn’t run on batteries or electricity but had to be wound up with a stem or a key.  Sounds primitive but it worked for the first 100+ years of clocks).

So what was “winding up the clock again” for moi?  I wanted to put many years of experience in destination marketing, tourism, organizational leadership, and public speaking into use helping other people and organizations, especially in tourism.

I also wanted time to enjoy life:  Spend time with my family, travel for fun with my wife, travel for fun with our kids, read, listen to the blues, and generally live at a slightly slower pace.  And since leading a Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) is a pretty public experience, I thought it would be nice to be just a private citizen again; perhaps express a controversial opinion which heretofore would have been difficult.

So I started by assembling a mind map using a computer application.  I look at it frequently, especially when I start to feel useless or bored (yeah, it can happen) and it gets me going again (there’s that clock-winding metaphor again).  I’ve displayed it here.