Elevator Blues

This is sung to the tune of any good blues song you may remember:

Well I woke up this mornin’
And I didn’t know what to think.
The economy’s goin’ up and down,
Like an elevator on the blink.
The forecasts were both bright and gloomy
Like big scuffs on brand new shoes
Feels like there just ain’t no escapin’
From those Elevator Blues.

Up and Down

Up and Down

Now we’ve all had to learn new words
Like “fiscal cliff” and “default.”
And “debt ceiling” and “derivatives”
‘Til you just want to holler “Halt!”
Some businesses get propped with cash
While others have to lose
Man, I can’t stand how it hurts
To have these Elevator Blues

It seems folks don’t know who to trust
And who might let them down.
The government, big business,
And them brokers are all renown
At tellin’ all us one thing
But it ain’t their fault when we lose
Feels like there’s no escapin’
From those Elevator Blues.

I just wish that there was somethin’
I could count on for awhile
‘Cause “new normal” means “no normal”
And each step feels like a mile
But you just can’t give up hopin’
And you play to win, not lose
So you’ve got to keep on shakin’ off
Those Elevator Blues.

There’s a thrill ride at the Disney theme parks called the “Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.” The premise of this ride is a ride on an elevator in a haunted hotel that quickly goes out of control. After going up several stories, the elevator stops, then drops. Then it goes up a short distance and down a longer one. Of course, the ride up is slow and the drop down is quick and unexpected, and everyone on the car is in the dark. That’s been the story of how our government has handled America’s economic situation.

What have you done to make the situation any better?

  • Taken steps to make sure your financial stability is in order?
  • Worked with a financial advisor, someone who knows about managing money?
  • Written letters and/or emails to your congressional delegation asking the to work together, to stop shaking fingers and start shaking hands?
  • Do you vote in every election? Elected representatives rarely pay much attention to non-voters.

Admittedly, there’s not much we can do to make America’s situation better by ourselves but we must do what we can.

‘Cause you just can’t give up hopin’
And you play to win, not lose
So you’ve got to keep on shakin’ off
Those Elevator Blues.

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