Getting Started & Procrastination

First a disclaimer; obvious perhaps but necessary:  I’m not a designer so please be gentle with me.  I’m experienced in leadership, marketing, public speaking, and writing but this is my first web site and my first blog.

Next, procrastination:  I can’t believe how long I put off doing this.  I’ve always been a a PPP (Practically Professional Procrastinator) but when I finally took the stepof assembling the content and entering it on this WordPress site, it was ridiculously simple.

So the fruit of PPP (Pushing Past Procrastination, this time) is joy, simple joy:  Joy at completing something; joy at checking it off the to-do list, joy at seeing the project launched.

I’m nearly giddy.

Cole Carley Communicates was born a few months ago to help tourism destinations and other segments of the tourism industry as well as engage in general public speaking.  We’ll be adding resources as we go along so please come back and visit.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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