Now That’s REALLY Scary….

Last night was Halloween when children (and sometimes adults) dress up as other people or fictional characters, sort of like ComicCon with candy corn.  But this year, the make-believe spooks and goblins have been vastly and loudly overshadowed by other people whose intentions aren’t so benign:  Politicians.  And while Halloween only last hours, these other creatures haunt us far longer.

I started thinking about the similarities between Halloween and elections.  Talk about spooky:

  1. Another word for politicianBoth children and politicians are pretending to be someone they’re not.
  2. they both show up with their hands out and their bags open.
  3. They’re both just using you to get what they want except that all the kids want is a little candy.
  4. It’s against the rules to buy your own treats; you have to take them from someone else.
  5. They’re both capable of playing tricks on you.
  6. Gearing up for the occasion starts earlier every time.

Of course, the big difference between Halloween and this election is that the kids in costumes are cute and the next day they’ll go back to being kids.  The day after the election, the politicians will still be irritating.  And that goes on forever.

I think I’d rather have my house egged.

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