Six Start Signs

Start Sign


In my last post, we looked at activities to cease doing, to just stop because they interfere with being happy, content, peaceful, you insert the proper adverb.

But nature abhors a vacuum so you might also want to consider this list of ideas to start doing.  There are others you could add but it’s a start:

  1.  Start to express yourself,  possibly in writing, probably in private.  My Morning Pages and the writing I did after my first wife died were of immense help.  Letting off steam or emotion by writing or ranting to a web cam or voice memo can be very liberating.  Just make sure it’s not accessible to anyone.  Then erase it or post it once you’ve considered and edited the piece.
  2. Start discerning your calling.  Why are you here?  What are you called to do?  What gifts do you have?
  3. Start caring about something larger than yourself:  Some cause, some group of people, some organization needs help.  Help them.  Do what you can.  It will not only help them, it’s good for you in a number of ways:  You know they’re being helped, you know that you helped, it took your mind off your own problems temporarily, and reminded you that your life may look pretty good in comparison.
  4. Start taking time for yourself.  No wonder we feel overwhelmed sometimes.  We’re so busy doing that we forget just be.  Find a place that’s quiet and where you feel peaceful like a church, a library, or a park.  Go there regularly.  Clear your mind.  Let the light in.  You deserve it.
  5. Start moving!  If you’re not being physically active on a regular basis, begin.  Start slowly and keep at it.
  6. Start apps or classes in meditation or Tai Chi.  The cultures of the Pacific rim brought these practices to our shores and they have helped millions of people.

We frequently lead lives on someone else’s terms, usually involving our careers.  But we need to be spiritually, mentally, and emotionally refreshed.  We need to make sure we’re leading satisfying lives.  That usually requires change.  Change implies both starting and stopping.

Do you have another idea of something to start?


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