Social Media Gone Sooo Wrong

You just can’t make up this stuff.

SecretCNET, a trusted tech web site, is reporting today about a new app for sex accessible through Facebook (with “friends”) and another for professional folks through LinkedIn.  They’re called “Bang With Friends” and “Bang With Professionals.”  And “Bang” means exactly what you think it does.


I’m not sure who’s going to take the first step to signing up but it’s got trouble written all over it.  I don’t think this is what the two social media sites had in mind when they first invited people to connect.

I’m sure that neither Facebook nor LinkedIn are enthusiastic participants in these ventures; they’re just vehicles for people contacting each other.  But I’d think that they would have some standards.

I think that the LinkedIn version must still be in the “soft” stage because it doesn’t show up on their search option.  The Bang with Friends exists, however, on Facebook and has a large number of “likes.”  Most of the posts are in languages other than English.

HEY!  I was just doing some research, OK?  I wasn’t going too far.

It’s bad enough that there’s a referral service for the air charters offering a Mile High Club option.

Now we’ve got, uh, I think I should just stop now.


My apologies to those who may be offended by this post.  It was just too crazy to ignore.


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