Stop Signs

I usually like to phrase ideas in affirmative terms, avoiding the negative.  But right now, I’m thinking of activities to stop because they’re not doing us any good.  They are, indeed, doing us ill because they interfere with achieving peace of mind.

Sign---Stop Sign

We unconsciously allow ourselves to be bombarded with baloney that is distracting, disturbing, and dismaying.

But, you query, what can we do?  What can someone, a person like myself, do to overcome this plethora of poop?

Humbly, I offer these suggestions:

  • Stop watching the news. It’s depressing.  Just skim over the basics of what you need to know on a local level.  Then, turn it off, especially if it involves the federal government.  Congress will just depress you.
  • Stop watching the market unless you’re a day-trader.  The up and down swings will drive you crazy and the market analysts on TV will only frustrate you.
  • Stop managing your own money:  We get too emotional about our money and that clouds our judgement.  Find a financial consultant, make sure they’re accredited and certified and all that meet with them regularly.  In between those meetings, forget about it.
  • Stop being plugged in all the time.  Anyone can do it for short periods of time. Really.  Just walk away from the computer for awhile.  Leave the tablet at home.  “Forget” to take your phone with you.  Yeah, it will feel funny the first few times but trust me, it’s really good for you.

Next time we’ll consider some ideas to start doing.

              What could you stop doing that would make your life better?

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